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Around the world, we provide airlines, OEMs and MROs with comprehensive, reliable, and innovative fleet solutions.

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Willis Lease Finance
Corporation has been a pioneer and provider of aviation services for over 45 years.
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Willis Lease Finance
Corporation (WLFC) specializes in the acquisition, lease and resale of commercial aircraft, aircraft engines and other aircraft equipment
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At Willis Lease Finance
Corporation, we have created a challenging yet rewarding environment that depends on working together as a team.
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Manage and Maintain your Commercial Aviation Fleet Throughout its Entire Life Cycle

Willis Lease Finance Corporation, your global aviation partner with over 45 years of industry experience.


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Minimize Downtime and Maximize your Airline

As an aircraft fleet manager for a commercial airline or dedicated freight service, you know all too well that aircraft only generate revenue when flying. Any downtime is an immediate impact to your bottom line, whether it is an aircraft-on-ground (AOG) situation, unplanned repairs, scheduled maintenance, mandated service bulletins, or even a delayed gate turn at an airport. Minimizing and managing that downtime is critical to protecting revenue and maximizing customer confidence in your airline’s brand.

Save millions in repair costs with
leased engines
Get 24/7 access to engines, repair services, fleeting planning, technical records, storage, and consulting
Keep aircraft operational and build customer confidence in your airline

Your Aviation
Services Partner

As the most expensive component on your aircraft, jet engines present a special challenge in terms of required maintenance due to many life-limited parts and a general reduction in power and efficiency over time. Since you cannot afford for the airframe to sit idle while the engines are maintained, a lease or purchase of new ones can keep your aircraft in service. 

What you need is an aviation services partner with a fully integrated portfolio of products, services, and aircraft financing to meet the demanding challenges of fleet management and maintenance.

That Partner is Willis.
An Airbus A320 surrounded by wing, engine, and jack stands. Willis has all the necessary facilities to maintain your aircraft

You deserve an Aviation Services Partner to keep your aircraft flying and operational.


WLFC offers a broad range of aircraft and engine services to its customers worldwide. Whether it is parts, jet engines, or entire aircraft, we provide fully tailored solutions to your specific aviation asset challenges from first cycle to recycle.


Facing an AOG?

We offer 24/7 AOG support. As the largest independent lessor of commercial aircraft jet engines, we have the power when and where you need it.

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Need to finance engines?

We bring outstanding capital availability, a worldwide sales force, and an experienced management team to partner with you for the best solution.

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Need all-inclusive services?

Our services cover your aviation challenges with a $2+ billion portfolio of assets, saving you time and money while reducing risk.

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icon-AirplaneTakeOffWLFC Gets you Airborne Again

We are a pioneer in the aviation services industry – and that’s no exaggeration. We were the first to lease jet engines to commercial operators and our record of innovation continues today.
For example, with ConstantAccess™, customers can lease jet engines they need, when they need them. Customers have preferred access, on demand, to our worldwide portfolio of engines with availability guaranteed – enabling you to focus on flying.
With ConstantThrust®, we cover the cost and risk of jet engine maintenance by replacing a removed engine with a serviceable engine from our assets - saving airline customers the significant time, money, and risk associated with engine heavy maintenance.
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"With innovative solutions such as Willis Lease’s Revolving Credit Lease and ConstantAccessTM programs supporting the launch of our B737MAX operations, we are confident going forward that we have partnered with the industry leader that delivers for its customers.”
Stephen Jones
President & CEO
Flair Airlines
"Willis Lease’s ConstantThrust® aircraft and engine program is the perfect solution for TAG Airlines’ ATR 72-500 fleet addition. We are fortunate to work with industry experts such as the Willis Team in this endeavor. We look forward to continuing to work on creative fleet solutions as we expand our business.”
Julio A. Gamero
Chief Executive Officer
TAG Airlines

A Trusted Partner

We have over 45 years in the business, with extensive experience and expertise in the industry. Many of our executives started as aviation mechanics, so we understand your specific airplane issues. We’ve built longstanding relationships throughout the aviation sector, and through our longevity in the marketplace.

We have proven our reliability, nimbleness, and ability to pivot based on what the customer needs. From shop visit forecasting and management, aircraft transitions, consultancy services, Part 145 on-wing support and even full-fleet management programs, we offer more than just engines and parts.

Two Willis engine technicians perform diagnostic maintenance on a stand mounted engine using the latest tools and techniques

A Global Presence

Strategically positioned to meet customer needs around the world 24/7/365

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Power to Spare - Worldwide®

Keeping you Airborne

It’s a partnership to keep your aircraft flying and operational that includes repairs, fleet planning, and records management until they’re ready for storage, retirement, resale, or recycling. So if you need an aviation services partner to keep your fleet airborne, come talk to us.

A Boeing 737 in flight demonstrates the Willis commitment and ability to keeping your fleet airborne and in revenue service

Engine Leasing and Spare Parts

A global aviation services leader, we specialize in the acquisition, lease, and resale of commercial aircraft, aircraft engines, and other aircraft equipment, along with spare parts sales, after-market engine parts, and portable aircraft components.

Multiple jet engines on engine stands highlight the extensive Willis engine inventory ready to work for your aircraft today

Consulting and Advisory Services

We also provide a broad range of engine management and consulting services to commercial aircraft operators and MROs. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Coconut Creek, Florida, we maintain offices and operations across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Willis team members meeting to review customer aircraft financing data as part of Willis consulting and advisory services.