Unmatched Independent Technical Forecasting

Willis Asset Management Limited has a diverse team of powerplant consultants from a variety of backgrounds including OEMs, MROs & Airlines that contribute to the vast array of experience available from Willis Asset Management Limited to support clients’ needs.

Expert Technical Support Services

Willis Asset Management Limited have a professional and competent technical skillset that supports and complements clients existing resources and can assist on reactive short term events or as part of long term fleet planning goals. Our systems are supported by comprehensive technical publications and OEM General Terms Agreements to enable access to unrivaled independent technical expertise.

Technical support services are designed to help mitigate and eliminate unnecessary maintenance expenditure and to give clients access to a dedicated pool of technical resources.


Market Leading Expertise and Innovation

Physical Inspection & External Component Check

Borescope Overview

Ground Run Overview

Test Cell Overview

Transition Management

Maintenance Event Management

Health Check Review

Customized Fleet Management

Engine Performance Data Analysis